Graphic Score

Graphic Score

Today our project is graphic score. The teacher asked us to prepare a few different materials before class. I chose the iron hand spinning top, masks, plastic wear, wire, Mentos sugar boxes and coins. I made an instroment with a medoc sugar box, coins and wire. This instrument shakes like a knock on the door. I bought a cake decorated sugar in a pound store. Pouring sugar into the hand and pouring it into the jar is the sound of 'Salsa'. The sound is like the wind blowing the tree. A little bit of sugar falling down the stairs is also the voice of 'Salsa'. This sound is like the sound of rain. What my partner does is made of wire and clip. She tied the wire and the clip to her hands and feet. The sound of applause, shaking hands and pout gave me a feeling of dancing.

These sounds reminds me of a picture. On a rainy day, I invited my friends to come and dance together at home. So she knocked on my door, we danced tap dance together. This is also the story I recorded in the video.WechatIMG89.jpeg

We recorded the sound of our instruments. I drew a picture with different colors of pens  and different figures while listening to my voice.

Graphic Score



I got a sentence is 'The limited of my language mean the limited of my world.' At the first, I got the idea is people in different countries had their own languages so I and my partner interviewed lots of people to write their languages in that sentence. There are some difficulties during our interview like a lot of people can't translate this sentence in their language and they didn't know how to write it so we spend a long time to interview. That's the interaction people have. We show the video to tutor and she said it's a good idea but should be more successful which means she think we can take video more clearly and when we put the paper in the water, the words from different languages and different colors will soluble in water. She also wants us to make the sounds more clearly.

I think about this questions in a long time. My solution is finding soluble color pen and find people to write the sentence on and take more clearly video. We remake the video. We change the color markers to the soluble color markers. We choose a very quiet place to video the sounds of purring the water and washing powders. In the video, we also show the interaction that people had and make the presentation very successful.

Building Blocks

We were asked to design twenty-six letters. Teacher ask us use rubber tape to do. I posted 26 letters on the sketchbook in blue, green, yellow, white and black. We use different materials to make this letter. My project named 'free'. My inspiration comes from feathers. I drew 26 letters in half-feather and half-letter form and then I went to the workshop to make these four letters in wood and made the word 'feather'. The process of cutting wood is very difficult because of angular. The letter 'R' was broken and I did it again when I doing this wood letters.WechatIMG245.jpeg
I made three posters. The first one is about my feather. I used pigeons, circles and letters to make this poster about freedom. The second one is a letter I made up of triangles of rubber tape. The third one is a set of letters about the circle that I made using computerized hand-painted panels. I think circles are also a symbol of freedom.

 WechatIMG247.jpeg     WechatIMG246.jpeg    WechatIMG248.jpeg

If I have more time. I will choose to use computer hand-painted to make more perfect poster.

Made to persuade

Our project today is made to persuade. The teacher let us think of more and better idea. I thought of 22 ideas. Do a good drink and write in the drink cup DM whitch is means drink me. UAL badge, CSM bag, DIY mobile phone case, UAL hair band, forgetfulness of water, only fingernails exposed gloves because it is easy to take the support and hands will not be cold, UAL stickers, DIY T-shirt, hook,  Hanging on the neck of the phone box (you can DIY), cleaner robots, UAL sunglasses, windproof lighter, UAL socks, UAL piggy bank, UAl bracelet ID card, UAl hat, modified original T-shirt, UAL eraser, UAL rug and UAL quilt cover.

I chose to modify the original T-shirt pattern that idea. I'm going to change a T-shirt with  Justin Bieber bought from H&M to a T-shirt of my own. My inspiration comes from a pack of expressions.



What‘s that means? 'OJBK' means so ok or very ok. In fact, JB pronunciation in China is the meaning of the penis. But it can also mean "very". Justin Bieber's acronym is called JB so I have this inspiration.I wrote 'O', 'K' and my name 'XMC' on my clothes with white acrylic so this one was mine at a glance and the piece of Justin Bieber's clothes seemed funny.IMG_0577.jpgThis is my final work.

App store

Our project is about App Store. I have a conversation with my partner. We know each other first then I think he is a good man and he is kind.

My first idea is about football.He like playing football so i design a app named FBS. This app is very like Tinder. You can find people who likes playing football or watching matches or interested in making friends. You need to fill the label first and then find what you want to find. The label has watching, playing, sharing information about football, have a lot of news about football. If you want to play football, just open the 'FBS' and find who also want to play nearby.

My second idea is about gentleman. My partner said he feel happy and gentle when he help someone like holding door open for someone so I design a app named 'Gentleman'. This app will teach you how to be a gentleman and you will write diary for what you do everyday. You also need to write what people who you help attitude and think about is it good or not. In the end, you will be a gentleman.

My last idea is about study. My partner said he doesn't have any idea when he need to design something sometimes. In my opinion, people sometimes can't have solution when they need to answer a question or need to design something especially arts students so I want to make a app named SOS in study.

I was thinking about our tutors. I think they can't answer our questions immediately and can't be 24 hours online. My app is you need to pay at first and buy subject per month because this app requires hiring teachers. For ours, ex. Arts. First, you need to choose pathway inside. It has GCD, F&T, FA and 3D. Choosing one and  then choose teachers. Secondly, have a conversation with teachers which means ask your question and the teacher will answer you. Finally, evaluation of the teacher. This app is very useful to student. Its review is very high. memory is small and the moeny cost is not to expensive. Students regardless of any subject can ask the app and the teachers will answer your questions. The teacher who is you want to choose is up to you and the teachers is 24 hours online.WechatIMG540.jpeg

If I have more time. I will use AI to draw more. I will change the colors and I will give more difficult shapes .

Hear make Heard

I listen to the British Library interviews and I choose a interview about Rod Kelly

1) The name is 'Rod Kelly on the challenges of preparing to decorate sliver. '


3D form → use laptop

keep drawing to the silver

compose decoration

usually unhappy with decoration

draw at least 3 times

you maybe need a lot of ideas

 sketch on paper

sometimes you lose idea so start agin and agin


2) NAME: 'National life stories collection: Crafts Lives.'


His father → engineer

Biology family

In high school he studied economic, history, sociological.

After high school. He went to art foundation in Preston.

His foundation course is about drawing.

He was interested in metal especially silver and gold

inspiration → workshop

huge potential

painting in primary colors

lack of color sense

he didn't know about perspective

scale and proportion.

but he also feel color is still a weakness for him so he use of two colors → silver and gold.

he really like metal.


 I grabbed his favorite silver this one choose to make a book. At the beginning, I had three ideas. The first is to choose a room with a window and drop the CD on the roof. Then let the sun shine through the window and hit the CD so that each CD emits a colored light on the wall because the back of the CD itself is silver, so this phenomenon can be used to illustrate his favorite silver. Use the camera to take photos and make a book.

The second idea is to select a container and put everything inside and take a photo separately. Finally turned into a silverware.

The third idea is to use a collage to make a garden. There is a lake in the middle of the garden. Because of the weather, the lake is freezing a little bit and the ice lasts the whole lake. Use silver to make this ice. Finally, make a silver ball which means that silver has left a deep impression in the rod kelly's heart.


This silver ball is very hard to do so I did it many times. It is made up of 8 circles which made by hard paper.

If I have more time. I will use computer to make this book.