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Saul Bass

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Saul Bass was an American graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker, best known for his design of motion-picture title sequence, film posters, and corporate logos.

I saw a lot of works about him. I think his posters are very cool and it can show the implied meanings in his works. we can see the red labyrinth.  The sentence on the pictures said 'The only way out is within.' I think that sentence is very true but people always choose other ways to go and  after they think that's a wrong way, they will go back and choose a new way. In fact, people will go  the right way in the end. I also like his colors from his works. It's just has red white and black. The  colors attract people to see his woks so I really want to copy his work and use his ideology to do my works.


Fiona Rae


Fiona Rae is a Hong Kong-born British artist; she is one of the Young British Artists who rose to prominence in the 1990s.

Fiona Rae’s work is very dramatic. She always uses a variety of techniques, using rags and rollers to smear the paint across the surface of the canvas.


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I really like her works because I think her works are very colorful. From her works, we can see a lot of difference animals on the top of the works. I like her freestyles because It's made people feel comfortable see her works. Her works are rhyme in color and always have a lot of small motifs at the top of her creations. Also, I can see a lot of freestyle lines on her works. I feel that's very cool.




Catherine Wales


These 3D-printed accessories by London fashion designer Catherine Wales. He creates a digital avatar of the prospective wearer using a 3D scanner so each piece can be custom designed and built specifically for their body shape. I think this project includes a corset with perforations across the bodice to hold elements resembling scaffolding, which connect to spherical joints that can be added to and altered. I saw a video about him. He said  "I used my pattern-cutting knowledge to change form and accentuate or reduce parts of the body."dezeen_Project-DNA-by-Catherine-Wales_11.jpg

 I really like his design, and he did it because the area has been using corsets for centuries. By these accessories to limit and change the shape of the body are in line with the theme of fetishism. I think it is a wonderful thing to do something for a region or a person. I think I will make a similar project later.


Büro Uebele

A new gym in Herzogenaurach, Germany, property of Adidas, has just been intervened by the graphic design studio Büro Uebele, which in addition to handling innovative and creative proposals, maintains all the typographic, numerical and color concept of the brand itself. that transmits more energy and motivation to gym users.a312df606be861eeed4ce24d4f0f3290.jpg

I really like this designer because I think his design looks very comfortable. His designs are colorful and fonts give an intuitive feel. I also like his idea. His designs encompass wonderful ideas in shapes, colors, letters, symbols and numbers in every fitness space in bathrooms, offices, canteens and bars. I have a feeling of going to the gym when I watched his work. His design allows those who do not keep fit to go to the gym every day and enjoyed because ordinary gym is not so good-looking background so there are many people who want to lose weight fitness like me went to the gym a few times and then do not want to go.Adidas-Gym-Büro-Uebele-07.jpgOne of the more interesting aspects of his design is that he would design a different look in different areas of the gym, like the Sandbag Museum whose design was power and that his design in the locker room was all digital. All of the walls, ceilings and space in the gym will retain these designs, and these designs must be decoded by the athletes as they give hidden information to those who are noticed if the attendees will find things like 13, 10, 54, and 23. These guys are like Miller · Gelder such a player. Whatever I really like his style that make me want to design a similar idea of his designs.


Comedy Carpet

90474de8b9534fa3b512944955f111c6.jpgComedy Carpet is a British artist specialising in public art, often including typographical elements. His Comedy Carpet on Blackpool Promenade, at 2,200m2, has been said to be the largest piece of public art in Britain.


I really like this design. I think he's designed to be like a newspaper under his feet. This is the first time I saw this design work. I think people will feel very strange when walking on this design and will be very curious about this design. This design consists of different uppercase letters of words, there are many small patterns. I think he's designed to be like a newspaper under people feet.I also want to do a similar project. I think I would use newspapers to make similar boxes, desk mats, coasters or sofa cushions because I think this would be a very novel design and the rational use of used newspapers.


Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele is an Italian fashion designer appointed creative director of Gucci in January 2015. He is responsible for all of Gucci’s collections and global brand image.landscape-1487809268-gucci-bks-z-rf17-4318.jpg.1

I saw his interview. He is passionate about doing research and drawing inspiration from the prints of the natural world, philosophy, the arts, movies, and even antique sofas in his own home. He thought "Combine that together to make a contagious story that the younger generation really understands."gucci-ss15.jpg

I think the biggest feature of his design is the color is very rich. Skirt style is also diverse. There are many dense clothes on the small pattern. He likes to use animals as small patterns such as snakes and bees. He also uses different kinds of flowers to make patterns.

He will make changes in the original works every year. Some of them is changed pattern, some is changed the color, and others changed the style.



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